Farm the Future

The IGNITE CARIBBEAN: FARM THE FUTURE Youth Forum is a main attraction of the INVEST CARIBBEAN 2015, the 17th Annual Investment in the Caribbean Forum which brings together academics, business leaders, NGOs,and policymakers to exchange information on challenges and opportunities impacting the prospects for sustainable investing in agribusiness in the Caribbean. This year’s two-day forum places focus on “Leveraging Natural Resources Capital: Opportunities and Challenges in Optimizing the Value Chain of the Agriculture and Extractive Industries.”

The youth promoters and presenters were: Rachel Boyce, Inter-American Development Bank;  Ashley Valle, Pan-American Development Foundation; and Ana Maria Torres. Young Americas Business Trust.   Representing the Caribbean, will be among others: Tracy James, Agribusiness Club of the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, through a partnership with IICA. Representing the US will be among others: Samora Christian, from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, through a partnership with Rebuild Dominica.

Luke Smith presenting the company WHYFARM with food super hero Agriman